The Education Field

  1. Buy a piece of land for 200 thousand US dollars and the establishment of some facilities on them. This is evidenced by the construction of the Muscat School, which resulted in the cooperation between the municipality of Doha and Oman project funded "million and a million dollars," which adopted modern means and equipment to contribute to provide quality and distinctive education for students where The construction of the school contributed to the shortage of classrooms in the governorate and to ease the burdens of transport and transportation, especially the students of Doha city and the Nawras community service center, which cost about 1132,000 NIS.
  2. Rental of a number of classrooms for the school of the daughters of the Caliphs and the males of Bisan, as well as pay the annual rent of the school of male caliphs basic adults.
  3. The building of the girls' elementary school of caliphs and the opening of a third floor in it which contributed to the overcrowding in the classrooms.
  4. Regular maintenance of the city's schools in all directions through the knowledge tax and the municipal fund, which cost about 150000 US dollars.
  5. As part of the municipality's keenness to improve the quality of education in the city's schools and develop them to cope with the technological development witnessed by the world, Doha Municipality, in cooperation with the Horizon Foundation for Youth Development and the Ministry of Education, distributed last year the " Students of the fifth grade in the elementary schools of the basic caliphs and the basic boys in the city of Doha within the project to support the school bag and the book my survey in Palestine.
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