The Community service

Constructing (Al-Nawras Center) for Community Service (Multi-Purpose Building), which consists of the public hall which is used by the people of the city on their social occasions and cultural and social gatherings, as well as by the governmental institutions and the institutions of the country, in addition to the women's center, The center consists of a public library that the municipality seeks to support and develop to be a center of knowledge, culture, humanity and civilization. This library was established in cooperation with (Copayak Association) and the Bethlehem Governorate with a value of 30,000 US dollars. It has started with 4000 books and now it reached 16000 classified books arranged according to Dewey decimal system. The library also works in many activities and activities in cooperation with schools and neighboring institutions to create a society of readers armed with science and knowledge, The center also contains a computer center that has been fully equipped so that the people of the city and neighboring cities can use it and use it and organize workshops and training courses in it.

A total area of ​​3634 m2 was purchased in mid-2016 in downtown Doha for US $ 1.3 million for various projects

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