Municipality Departments

Municipality Director

Municipality Director is responsible for preparing the sessions of the municipal council and all matters relating to the drafting of its decisions and internal memoranda, following up on their implementation and transferring them to the concerned departments to implement them and complete the procedures in accordance with the rules and applying the policies, regulations and regulations in force in the municipality , Providing a stimulating environment for employees to develop their skills and competencies by engaging them in specialized training courses and workshops, follow-up archiving, customer satisfaction and service delivery Faster and more accurate form of roads.

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is one of the most important departments in Doha Municipality, which plays a vital role in the level of services provided, and is divided functionally into several sections: • Buildings and Licenses Department:  This department responsible of  organizing the buildings through the licensing , application of the laws and regulations in the city , taking into account the urban harmony in the city, and the most important tasks entrusted to it is to preserve the environmental safety of the city through the organization of industrial and residential areas and to ensure the legal rebounds and construction rates in residential areas Commercial and industrial, as well as the completion of the master plan of the city.

Projects and Maintenance Department

This department is part of the Engineering Department. It is responsible for following up all matters related to municipal projects aimed at developing the city in various aspects of engineering and strategic planning of the city and public projects, as well as maintenance of public facilities, including public schools. The department seeks to improve the level of its services through the formulation and implementation of various policies aimed to the development of infrastructure, as a contribution to provide the foundations for sustainable urban development in the city. The strategic plan of the same department includes a number of main axes, dealing with the development of the road and transport network and the development of the health and drinking water network in cooperation with the competent authorities in this service, rainwater and utilities and the development of an attractive structure for investment.

Health and Environment Department

 The Health Department is the largest part of the municipality not according to the numbers only but the size of the work done, the achievements obvious every day and the most important work is:

  • Daily collection and removal of waste.
  • Fighting epidemics, mosquitoes and insects
  • Periodic maintenance of containers and supply of new containers
  • control violations related to the environment and public health

Financial and Administrative Department

The financial and administrative department works on the implementation of financial and administrative policies and regulations prepared by the local government and the municipal council to ensure the conduct of all financial and administrative measures to achieve the desired goals and provide the best services to the city citizens and it consists of more than section just like: 

  • Finance Department: The most important functions are as follows:
  • Managing the financial situation of the municipality in terms of sources of funding available and expected volume of expenditure.
  • Prioritize spending priorities in light of available liquidity
  • Prepare periodic reports and submit them to the concerned authorities
  • Preparing the final accounts of the municipality
  • Prepare the municipality's budget and supervise its implementation
  • Calculation and disbursement of employees' salaries
  • Receiving fees and taxes from the taxpayers and depositing them in banks according to the financial instructions
  • Implement procurement and tender procedures according to the regulations prepared for this purpose by the Ministry of Local Government.

Administration and Personnel Department

One of the most important tasks of this section is the implementation of the Civil Service Law, the executive regulations, the labor system, the circulars and workers issued in this regard in all its details, and follow up the procedures related to employment. Departures and overtime. To carry out all procedures related to all types of vacations, return, study and plan the training needs of municipal employees and participate in the preparation and modernization of the city's strategic development plan. Receive complaints from employees, study them and work to solve them in accordance with the Civil Service Bureau regulations. And the application of incentive systems and sanctions regimes to workers according to established rules.

Public Relations and Public Services Department

The public relations department aims to enhance the city's status locally and internationally, and to create a bright mental image of the municipality with its internal and external audiences, and to raise awareness among the citizens in the areas related to the services provided by the municipality and providing information that facilitates citizen’s access to the service transparently and clearly.

The Public Relations Department works to improve the image of the institution and provide bridges of communication and coordination with all stakeholders for the benefit of the institution. It also builds on relationships and partnerships of a permanent nature with all sectors, institutions and ministries.

The department also collects and classifies information about the Municipality and its various activities, and provides the media with its news, in addition to following up what is published and broadcast in the various media information related to the work and achievements of the municipality and preparing a memorandum thereon and presenting it to the departments and departments concerned. In charge of the functions and objectives of the Municipality. The Department shall also:

  • Prepare for official lectures, seminars and ceremonies held by the municipality and organize other social activities of the employees and document them officially.
  • Use media to educate the public about the municipality's achievements and future plans and to inform citizens of all the activities and projects of the municipality in application of the beginning of transparency through the media.
  • Coordinating with the printing press on the municipality's publications.
  • Work to provide the citizen with basic and vital information about the activities of the various municipalities in order to improve their cooperation in their plans and analyze their views to determine the level of services provided by the municipality.
  • Preparation of publications dealing with subjects of interest to citizens and related to the activities and services provided by the municipality.
  • Work on updating the municipal electronic portal periodically.
  • Documenting the archive electronically.
  • Provide information about all the institutions we deal with or are expected to deal with.
  • Networking with local, national and international institutions.
  • Create a special form for correspondence.
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