Infrastructure and street rehabilitation

  • The Municipality has expanded and rehabilitated Al-Dinmo Line through a grant from the Municipal Development and Lending Fund which cost 152,000 US $.
  • The establishment of several projects for the establishment of drainage to solve many of the problems facing the city during winter, the cost of these projects 1.5 million shekels.
  • Expansion and rehabilitation of internal roads supported by the Municipal Development and Lending Fund and the Municipality of Doha with a value of 260.000 US $ and 190000 US $ with the support of the Ministry of Local Government and Municipalities.
  • Expansion and rehabilitation of Al Ras Al Kabeer Street, which was completed with the support of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund at a cost of 205.000US $.
  • Completing the lighting network to include every neighborhood and street in the city of Doha and the ongoing maintenance of the cost of maintenance of 10000 US dollars from the municipal fund.
  • The Municipality of Doha also provided the supply and installation of public sewer lines worth 60,000$ from the municipal fund and supply and installation of drinking water lines worth 15000 from the municipal fund. It also worked on maintenance of public waterways and sewerage at a cost of 19000 US dollars and cleaning and maintenance of rainwater pipes at a cost of US $ 7,000.
  • The municipality has worked on the construction of retaining walls in the areas required to protect citizens and streets, worth 60.000 US dollars at the expense of the municipality
  • The municipality has constructed asphalt pavement for the streets worth 60.000 US dollars. It has built 35.000 US dollars of concrete for streets. It has worked on restoring streets and sidewalks and pedestrian lines worth 8000US. It also cleaned the streets of the city from accumulated litter and building waste at a cost of 12,000 US $.
  • The Municipality has cleaned and regularly maintained the terms of drainage of rain water, runnels and shovels to ensure that the floods do not occur.
  • Maintenance work for the municipal building of the Municipal Fund at a cost of 20.000US $.
  • Work on the maintenance and redesign of the municipal park at a cost of 45000 US dollars from the municipal fund.
  • Maintenance of the Nawras building at the expense of the municipality at a cost of 15000 US dollars.
  • The solar cell project on the municipality's surface cost 20.000 US dollars through the Jerusalem Electricity Company.
  • The municipality also carried out many community contributions in terms of maintenance of public institutions at a cost of 20.000 US dollars.
  • The Municipality contributed to the establishment of the Tourism Development Unit in Bethlehem Governorate, where the cost of this project was 50.000 US dollars.

The municipality has also implemented other service projects in the city to develop the city and serve its population including:

  • The opening of the Palestinian post office in the municipality building to facilitate the citizens in the city and neighboring cities
  • The Municipality has registered the land of the city of Doha in the Department of Finance in Bethlehem to overcome many property problems. The Municipality seeks to establish the Public Services Center in cooperation and coordination with the Municipal Development and Lending Fund. This comes within the vision of the Municipal Council to relieve the citizens of the burden of mobility between the sections of the Municipality to complete its transactions.
  • In the summer, the municipality is working hard with the Water Authority to solve the water problem and avoid crises and try to provide it to the entire population.
  • The Municipality has prepared the strategic development plan for the city of Doha from 2018 until 2021.
  • The municipality has also set up a data management program for the municipality where the program will build a database containing all information about the docks, blocks, buildings and residential and commercial units, which will set the work between the municipal sections and link them with the taxes imposed on each of them. In the collection screen where the program is based on the standardization of the system used in the municipality and the link between the sections where it depends on the allocation of screens for all different sections, and start building a static system between the sections must adopt several terms and formulas and values ​​agreed between the sections, Assigned to be adopted among all municipal departments, as this system contains an archive section where a comprehensive electronic archive for all municipal and citizen complaints to ensure easier access to information
  • The municipality also established a team of volunteers in the city of Doha in cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Defense to meet the needs of citizens in difficult conditions of snow, floods and others
  • The Municipality is interested in the recreational aspect of the community from the establishment of Ramadan evenings, concerts and seminars. It also honors the high school graduates each year and is interested in the activities of students in the summer, such as summer camps and recreation.
  • We also do not forget the Doha Municipality scout team, which was keen on the municipality to form and work on its support to strengthen the spirit of belonging to the buds and flowers of this city, so there is an occasion for the city not to find a participant
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