Health and environment

Providing a waste car to the municipality for the health department, as the largest part of the municipality work is not the number but the size of the work that they do, the achievements are clear every day, unless there is an emergency holiday when everyone notices there absence, there work is divided into different sections including:

  • The daily work to maintain the cleanliness of the city, where about 20 tons per day is collected by the workers of the collection, which are deported to the site on a daily basis.
  • Periodic maintenance of containers and the supply of new containers for waste due to increased demand from citizens and institutions, which amounted to 50 thousand US dollars.
  • Insecticides were sprayed in the spring and summer throughout the city to control mosquitoes and insects. The Municipality also purchased a spray machine, in addition to the rat pesticides which the municipality put in place through a specialist in different areas of the city throughout the year to eliminate pests and maintain a healthy environment. .
  • Work on beautification of the city through the cultivation of palm trees and decorations in the city and take care of the cost of this project about 16000 US dollars

In addition, the Municipality of Doha, in cooperation with 301atelier  conducted a campaign to paint on walls and containers to beautify the city

The environmental awareness projects throughout the year:

The Municipality of Doha implemented environmental awareness projects with school students and citizens in cooperation with the Environmental Quality Authority. In partnership with the Environmental Quality Authority last year, the municipality implemented an environmentally friendly schools project.

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